Client : The Guilty Pleasures

Produced as a high concept booking video for The Guilty Pleasures, an amazing lounge band that plays all of the major casinos here in Las Vegas. We shot this on the Cannon 5D Mark II over the course of one day. The live footage was shot at a local Casino during one of the bands actual performances. We did not edit the second part “Live” footage.






Director : Adam Courrier
Director Of Photography : Andrei Mignea
Camera Op : Ben Holden
Field Audio : Matt Kendall
Sound Design : Shaun Flannery
Key Grip : Gary Sauer
Grip Truck : JR Lighting
Hair & Makeup : Debra Weite
PA : Zackariah Moyez
PA : Kip Paul
Editor 1st Part : Andrei Mignea + Adam Courrier
Editor 2nd Part : Shaun Flannery
Producer : Andrei Mignea + Adam Courrier
Executive Producer : Shaun Flannery
Production Trailer & Hero Car : Rowdy McDaniel