Client : The Committee to Retain Judge Kerry Louise Earley

We create this 30 sec commercial for Judge Kerry Louise Earley as part of her re-election campaign for District Court Judge of Department 4 in Las Vegas. We shot the entire thing (3 locations) in one day. Each shot was very prep heavy and fairly far from each other. We did it all on a Cannon 5D Mark II with a variety of lenses, DSLR rigs, Jibs, Grip and Crew. We went pretty heavy, gear wise, on this one, thinking that the shoot would be a lot more complicated than what it turned out to be. In the end it turned out well, and all the extra hands made for an easy, fast day.

This spot ran on 4 different stations for a total of one month, after which Judge Earley, winning by a land slide, kept her District Court seat for another year.






Executive Producer : Adam Courrier
Executive Producer : Tom Moreo
Director / Director of Photography : Andrei Mignea
Audio Mixer : Nick Carrison
Key Grip : Gary (7′) Sauer
Grip/Grip Truck Driver : Gary (7′) Sauer
Camera Assist : Ben Holden
Production Assistant : Zachariah Moyes
Make-up / Hair : Carly Ryan
Assistant to Judge Earley : Kelly Tibbs
Editor : Andrei Mignea / Adam Courrier
Editing Audio Supervisor : Shaun Flanery