Client : The 2810 Private Estate

Site :

We launched the website in 2010, and for that time it was a hit. In today’s market with everything being so mobile friendly and responsive, this site wouldn’t stand, and perhaps we will need to bring it into the mainstream yet again in the near future. We built this site using FLASH, and I still think it looks great and relevant. The driving force behind this property is the photography so I let that stand out and drive the site design, letting everything else act as a frame. We did a cool, filagree background and took the opacity down so that its only a thought and let the saturation of the photos do their magic. Simple menu, simple page layout. The one thing that’s still great is that you never have to scroll down an endless page, everything is contained inside a box.


Dre5 Productions




Design & Photography : Andrei Mignea

Flash Programing : Paula Hightower

Additional Constructions : Andrei Mignea

Web Design & Programing | $85-$150 p/hr

A strong pre production game plan is a must when starting a website. Everything needs to be drawn out first in a design phase so when it comes time for programing its cut and dry. Call us and lets set up an appointment, our consultations are always free and our experience is second to non.