Client : The 2810 Estate

A lot of work went into remodeling The 2810 property. The clients turned a depressed house into a private oasis. With all that attention to detail it was only a matter of time until the original logo needed a do-over. I stuck to the same idea as the original
I liked the pretension it gave off. I updated the filagree to a meatier, more classical version and reworked the text as a throwback to something you would see on an old building in London. Stuck with a solid color for most applications and toning of gold and silver, raised silver and spot uv for select applications and branding. Overall, I think we added some elegance to an already elegant idea.


Dre5 Productions




Design : Andrei Mignea

Original Concept : Unknown

Graphic Design | $85 Per Hour

Logos tend to go into overtime if a solid concept isn’t there to begin with. Normally ranging from two to ten graphic hours. We give the client one edit pass after the first round (you can usually expect two to six unique variations on a certain theme) and a modification pass after the second round of edits. Total turn around time is usually two to four weeks.