Client : WordCamp Las Vegas

Site :

We were tasked with creating the branding behind the 2014 WordPress WordCamp along with the website design. After researching the other logos out there that have come before for all the other WordCamps we decided to try and make this one not only stand out but relevant to the times and the trending styles of the day, mainly Flat Design. So once we decided that “flat” was the way to go i started creating the iconic Vegas landmarks and even included the newest ferriswheel ‘esk “High Roller”. once those were done i wrapped everything up in the iconic Vegas sign shape and threw on some flat banners. The WordPress logo going down over the town like a sunset. The colors were chosen because of their sunset like feel casting everything in shadow and relief.

The website was designed to be simple and flat yet add a layer of fun. Robert Gillmer did n amazing job with the code, even making the clouds move and the airplane fly through the screen. Over all the job was a success in my opinion and the powers that be seemed to really like it.


Dre5 Productions / Shiny 9 Web Design




Design : Andrei Mignea

Code : Robert Gillmer

Web Design & Programing | $85-$150 p/hr

A strong pre production game plan is a must when starting a website. Everything needs to be drawn out first in a design phase so when it comes time for programing its cut and dry. Call us and lets set up an appointment, our consultations are always free and our experience is second to non.