Client : Alpine Mortgage

The design phase took quite some time on this one for a few reasons. 1) mortgage companies apparently have a really long chain of command until final approval and as it moves its way up, everyone has a hand in changing what they want or better said don’t want in the design. Then after weeks of revisions they just tell you go back to the original. 2) There are a lot of things as a designer that have to be compromised when dealing with a corporate type structure such as “design”. Like other giant, country wide corporate companies out there, there are specs that you have to follow such as using a certain font, making the logo a certain size, color pallet, disclaimers and a few other elements that make it really difficult to do your job as a designer, and extremely difficult to make it all look good and balanced. The original draft was my favorite, but it only had half the copy, modern fonts, and a bunch of other stuff that had to be cut out. But even with all the mandatory changes i think it turned out pretty cool. Plus…I really just wanted to find an excuse to make a 3D’ish trifold mockup.


Dre5 Productions




Design : Andrei Mignea

Copy : Alpine Mortgage (Mike Sweeney) & Company

Graphic Design | $85 Per Hour

Brochure design depends on the number of pages involved, usually a single one sided page takes one to two graphic hours to complete. Concept should be thought of ahead of time and all artwork, copy and elements supplied in a high resolution before the project can start.