Salon Share App – How To Use The Store

Salon Share App – Representative Welcome & Information

Salon Share App – Application Demo & Walkthrough

Client : Salon Share

This informational video was created for Salon Share, a mobile and online app based business for salon professionals. We shot this in our studio against a white seamless and added a white tablecloth over a round table on which we rested the phone hand. The biggest challenge was lighting, I ended up using (2) KinoFlo Divas (tungsten) at full power, rigged above (6 ft) the shooting area. Then used two more 4′ 4 banks and a couple Arri’s (a 300W & 650W Fresnel) to blow out the background. We shot the entire thing in one afternoon on a Cannon 5D Mark II with a Canon EF 35mm f/2.0 lens. In post I still had to adjust the white a bit and make the over all tone brighter, stabilize most of the frames due to uncontrollable movement as the app was being manipulated, but I think we nailed it.






Director : Adam Courrier
Camera : Andrei Mignea / Adam Courrier
Editor : Andrei Mignea
Audio : Shaun Flannery

Music : Licensed through (c. 2012)