Client : Photos By Seven

We created this ad to initially run in a magazine, but the client liked it so much that we ended up running a flight of postcards as well that were used as promo collateral. The whole ad was composited together using submitted client portfolio photos. This was done back in the day when i would sit in front of a blank piece of paper and start layering one thing at a time, trying out shapes and patterns, blending this and that – it would literally take me forever to come up with something that I could hand to client at the end. It was a time of endless creative trial-and-error. The good thing is that most of the projects turned out well, they just took forever. Fast forward to the present, today we don’t even start anything until the idea is sketched out, assets are acquired and the client has signed off on the idea first. Because today, time is a precious commodity that we cant afford to waste.


Dre5 Productions




Design : Andrei Mignea

Graphic Design | $85 Per Hour

Flyers and Advertisements generally take around two to four graphic hours to complete. Most of the time they can be done on the fly as a core concept is really needed unless it’s a part of something bigger.