Client : UNLV 48 Hour Film Contest

My partner Sean Jackson and myself entered the contest back in 2005 and had a blast making our film. When it came time to do the pre roll slates we couldn’t believe that there were no logos to be found anywhere for this thing, and the ones we did run across were terribly campy. We needed something with a bit more grunge so i threw this together and it ended up getting used for a few years after. I wanted to mimic the old letterpress effects so I two-toned it in black and red (UNLV’s colors).


Dre5 Productions




Design : Andrei Mignea

Graphic Design | $85 Per Hour

Logos tend to go into overtime if a solid concept isn’t there to begin with. Normally ranging from two to ten graphic hours. We give the client one edit pass after the first round (you can usually expect two to six unique variations on a certain theme) and a modification pass after the second round of edits. Total turn around time is usually two to four weeks.