Client : The 2810 Private Resort

We were asked to create the business cards for this very elite and selective client for the property management side of his business. Everything centers around a giant multi million dollar rental property that spears no expense and caters mainly to corporate and enterprise level clients. So immediately we knew we had to stick with an old world yet slick appearance. I chose a dual pane silk laminate for the card and embossed small and subtle divots from end to end so the cards would have a unique and almost cloth like feel. I went with white on the back and dark on the front, juxtapositioning the colors to give just the slightest nod to a tuxedo. The filagree adds an elegant old world class and matches the pre existing logo design. On the front I recreated the logo, using stronger filagree but stayed true to the original intent. For the front I also added gold leaf and a spot uv over the letters and numbers so no matter where it lands it becomes an instant keeper. The client was extremely pleased and still has the same cards to this day.


Dre5 Productions




Design : Andrei Mignea
Printing : Sourced Localy

Graphic Design | $85 Per Hour

Business Card Design usually takes anywhere from one to two design hours depending on the speed at which the client approves the artwork.