Client : Running Bull Productions

My partner Adam needed some new cards so we put these together for him. He wanted to stay with the same iconography that he’s been using since he started (i.e. the logo, bull fighter holding a slate and the bull getting ready to charge) so we incorporated that in a single sided card. We tend to get really swamped with work and for the most part, when that happens, the office turns into a circus of deadlines and craziness so I wanted to throw that in as well just as an accent. Giving the background a distressed film look ties it all together and subconsciously says “even though it gets crazy, we still take care of the job at hand”. The text I laid out as a throwback to the old letter press stickers we had as kids and finished it up with the negative space cut out like a ninja mask. Because we are ninjas in what we do. There is a lot going on, i know, but it works and gets all the information out on one side. The back of the card is white with different quotes from cool people.


Dre5 Productions




Design Front : Andrei Mignea

Design Back : Adam Courrier

Printing : Gang Run Printing from our friends in Los Angeles

Graphic Design | $85 Per Hour

Business Card Design usually takes anywhere from one to two design hours depending on the speed at which the client approves the artwork.