Client : Girlz Ink Studio

We do a lot of things for Girlz Ink, their advertising, collateral and website, and have been doing it for quite some time. This time around the client needed a full page ad designed for a local magazine publication. This is what we created for her. We stuck to her colors throughout – we tried to balance all of the copy so that the ad wasn’t too side heavy – created the Polaroid “before and after” pics to showcase what they do (permanent makeup) at a glance – and got everything over to the publication making sure they had all they needed so the project wouldn’t be delayed. Dealing with the printers and publishers is what we do, we know the jargon and the process – one less thing you have to navigate through.


Dre5 Productions




Design : Andrei Mignea

Graphic Design | $85 Per Hour

Flyers and Advertisements generally take around two to four graphic hours to complete. Most of the time they can be done on the fly as a core concept is really needed unless it’s a part of something bigger.