TRICASTER Broadcast | $350.00
SD Solution for – 1 Program Record, 1 Program Broadcast

An SD Broadcaster with SDI support for enhanced efficiency. TriCaster Broadcast makes it possible for you to deliver network quality programs to video, projector and Web with a full range of professional tools including six camera inputs, live virtual sets, double box effects and much more. LiveSet technology that makes it possible to give a very small space the appearance of large network-style studio. Quickly connect and mix six serial digital cameras to provide full coverage of any venue. Show titles, Dual virtual DDRs can be played on cue for perfect cut-ins every time. Either virtual DDR may be used to overlay scrolls, crawls and motion titles or lock titles and graphics upstream to any input. Total flexibility with operation in either six-camera or three-camera mode. Switch six cameras with shared preview or three cameras with a dedicated preview for each. Full support for both 4:3 and 16:9 broadcasting provides the option of delivering your program in the traditional TV format or film aspect ratio. Multi-format live clip playback. TriCaster auto-detects and compensates for aspect on playback. NewTek iVGA, makes it possible to add any PC or Mac on the network with TriCaster as a live input.Our package includes:

  • (1) NewTek TriCaster Broadcast Full Production Studio
  • (1) Power Cord
  • (1) VGA Monitor
  • (1) Keyboard
  • (1) Mouse

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